Run, Fatgirl, Run!

August 18, 2009

Phase Two

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Yesterday I started a 1400 calories meal plan.  Why?  Because in spite of weight loss and body fat success, I have an underactive thyroid which causes my metabolism to be slower than the average female my age.  Which means that there’s but so much working out, eating right and anything else I can do before I reach plateaus.  And I’ve reached one.  So in order for me to burn and gain more muscle, I have officially been locked into watching what I eat.  The very thing I told my fat self that I would never do to my whole self.  I’ve gone to the dark side and now count calories.  Boo.

Additionally, I have to keep a food diary of everything I eat because we need to know what’s doing what to my body.  It’s all very sensitive.  If I weren’t so cute, I would probably be bubble girl.  So what I’ve decided to do to step it up a bit is in the spirit of cleaning everything else, I may as well do a full body detox.  For that, I’ve employed Colonix and Toxinout by Dr. Natura.  It is a full body detox that comes highly recommended above most.

I did my research for a month and a half before deciding which was best for me and I narrowed it down to Colonix.  You’re not only cleaning your colon and other internal organs and blood, you also purge your body of daily pollutants while restoring all the good bacteria that helps fight off disease and build immunity.  I sound like an informercial.  What really sold me was the many books, magazines and websites I read that recommend this as well as the testimonials.

This is something optimally you should commit yourself to for 3 months, another reason I chose this.  Because the body takes years to accumulate and store waste.  Even when we think our systems are doing their jobs… sometimes not enough.  And so today, I started my first day of this detox.  So far I have this weird head throbby achy thing going but I read that is expected as your body has to literally work through itself to get you to maximum capacity.  In other words, the first couple of days I may just be the crankiest broad ever.  So far I kinda feel like I’m letting the sunshine in, floating on a cloud with a little pressure in my head.  I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s how my head feels.

I had to dedicate this time though and put the work in because it’s time to start the next chapter in my life.  The one where I figure out what exactly the hell an soon to be reformer fat girl does with herself now that being a fatty is not an option.  And before I can even continue to delve into that, I really need to focus on me.  Which is weird because I’m so good at focusing on others and helping others and I forget to take that time for myself.  So here’s to new beginnings.  Or phasing into the next chapter really.  And here’s to the work in the middle and the progress from it.

Will be a very colorful journey.


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