Run, Fatgirl, Run!

August 16, 2009

I’m a Procrastinator… Get me outta here

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I’ve been saying over and over I need to blog, I need to keep a record of ALL the progress (bad and good) that I’ve been going through on my journey to wellness.  And do I do it?  No.  Not always because I don’t have the time but usually because I get bit by blogger’s block and writing actually requires thought and sometimes after all the shit I’m workin with… I’m just a fat lazy girl.

If life were the way I wanted it to be, it’d look a LOT like this for me:


All day, everyday.  But I found out that while I’m so resistant to NOT being a fat ass everything else is saying I have to give that idea up.  For good.

And so I’m not putting it off today because I’m starting an end of summer series and picking things up even more.  And in order to see where I’ve started and where I’m at by the end of it, I need to do some time of record.  Which means I have to force my ADD ass to be consistent with SOMETHING.

Since I last ventured, I’ve developed some sort of imbalance with the gait in my foot.  Which means basically that my little fat, barely have an arch hobbit feet turn inward when I stand or walk.  Not pigeon toed but the inner part of my foot plants on the ground more than the outer part which completely jacks all the alignment up from my ankles to my hips.  So part one of taking away from me being a natural fatty is I have to get rid of flip flops.  They do nothing for support and actually make feet worse apparently.  Technically heels are bad for women too but I’ve been wearing those more FORCING me to be grown and sexy.  Torture.

The reason I started getting more into myself as I’ve alluded is because I didn’t like the way I was so involved in others.  Helping others, being caught up in other people’s affairs and never taking time to actually focus on myself.  But no matter how much you go to help someone, you can’t be anything to them if you’re shit to yourself.

So starting tomorrow, I will be recording my progress with various things I try in my continued pursuit of cleansing my mind, body, spirit.  I’ve met with a dietitician because my doctor forced me to have to figure out a hypoglycemic friendly eating plan so I’m not passing out everywhere.  And I’ve got other things in store that I need to record exactly what I’m going through to kick things into high gear this last half of summer before fall.  This month or so should be REALLY interesting from the perspective of a soon to be somewhat reformed fatty.


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