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June 4, 2009

Me and My Docs

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I pulled this from my myspace today.  I forgot I wrote it even though it was only a month ago.  Time flies when your brain is busy… in any event, having re-read it I thought it was worth blogging a second time.

Maybe I’m supposed to at some point in my life document some facet of my world and share with the masses.

Because since I could remember I’ve always been intrigued by documentaries and independent film.  Maybe it’s in the realness… the grittiness and lack of discretion that is life.  The live in color, in your face rawness about life that people capture on film.

My latest venture was Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma.  I randomed on it as I always seem to… thank you Sundance.  I think maybe I would love to attend a film festival some day to bask in all the creativity that surrounds forums like that.

In any event… here I was journeying along with Dr. Orbinski as he took me through a horrifying but unavoidable tale of his presence in the middle of the bullshit surrounding Somalia and Rwanda just a few years ago.  And there I was as he went back.  Didn’t leave it behind once the killing stopped.  He came back to figure out solutions for the aftermath.  Like what is to be done to suppress the widespread of disease like hiv/aids.  And to top it, he ends the film with music from K’naan.  I don’t think more needs to be said.
And I thought a few thing as I’m watching:

  • in lieu of some recent observations of others… why isn’t Dr. Orbinski a subject of daily focus instead of perhaps someone a bit more superficial?  Why aren’t more people aspiring to know this man?
  • What the hell am I doing in my life?  Where am I making my own difference?
  • How in the hell could we sit and allow over 800,000 people to be slaughtered in less than a week and follow up with doing the same exact thing with Gaza earlier this year?
  • I mean there were about a million of these little questions running through my head and the whole point was… watching these things for me is not only to continue my own sense of humility but responsibility.  My constant sense of connection with not just what goes on in my immediate surroundings but the entire world around me.  How could I possibly want something for myself when there is someone out there a thousand times more deserving and more needing?  I wasn’t raised to just think about myself that way.

    For me watching and reading and relating to others helps me stay connected with the world.  Because what makes me so different from a 26 year woman in Somalia or Yugoslavia or even down the street?  Language?  Culture?  What does that matter when she and I bleed the same?

    In any event, I’ve been wanting to sponsor an orphan and I found a really good non-profit to do so.  Because if anyone deserves anything it’s the orphans.  And watching this doc just made me that much more assured in me having my own baby to support, nurture and champion even if it’s from 10,000,000,000 miles away.

    I hope I get to meet Dr. Orbinski one day and pick his brain.  Because I would love to hear his stories… even if they are gruesome.  As a constant reminder that this is how we treat each other and this is how we overcome it.  And yes I cried like a baby.  Specifically when he went to this mass burial in Rwanda.  And one of the survivors of the slaughter showed him the bodies he had unearthed and covered in lime.  As a reminder.  As a way of ripping the rug from up off the ground.  Seeing that made… I mean what can you say?

    I can just only hope by even me spreading the word that more people come up out of their own little insignificant quirks and even so much as think of someone else.  It is that deep connection which keeps us all moving in a direction for the same thing… love.


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