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June 2, 2009

Put on Your Sunday Clothes

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I’m not ashamed to say I quite proudly heart cartoons.  Being a child of the 80s will do that to you.  But even more in love with cartoons… I quite possibly geek out most to anything done by Pixar.  And this leads to the reason I’m typing… Wall-E.

There’s a lot of women I know in my age range… early to mid twenties who have been swept in this Twilight craze.  I had heard about the series from my fifteen and eleven year old siblings… go figure.  So when I started seeing a bunch of 20 somethings feen over this series and its characters I had to figure out what all the fuss was about.  So not too long ago I went to the grocery store and used my dollar and change at the RedBox to rent this movie.  But I had also rented Slumdog Millionaire.  maybe this was my downfall.

I realize books are nothing like movies or stretched out adaptations at best of the book.  I get that.  But… it wasn’t the books they were going to see five times in a weekend.  Now I said it in my last post and I’ll say it again… for me, just solely based on my experience with this movie… Edward Cullen is not an image I aspire to look for in a potential life mate.  Even if I never read a single book… the mere fact that women my age would literally swoon for a “vampire” in high school as if they were 15 again… confuses me.

But here is the I guess paradox of things…

As far as love stories go… I was way more inspired to teeter between the balance of hopeless romanticism and my usual cynicism when I watched Wall-E.  A cartoon. 

The thing I noticed commonly between both films was a certain level/form of devotion.  And I guess it’s not in the mere fact that I just loved this cartoon so much.  Or that I am inspired by love of a cartoon… I think it’s more in the fact that… for me, I could relate to Wall-E’s devotion to EVE because it was simplistic.  And in that simplicity is where I found beauty and why I can sit and watch over and over again adoringly and even hopelessly.  Where I can hold my heart and giggling like a little girl and say aww.  Because from that simplicity built a bond and from that bond, a sense of devotion and eventually love.

I love vampires but I’d rather the awkward, clumsy attempts to vie for my attention than being so determined to be around me you have to watch me in my sleep or be with me every waking moment.  That… I don’t get why women want men to devote themselves so fiercely in that way.  In its own cartoony-ness, the development of Wall-E and EVE was for me so minutely romantic and picturesque.  Like something from those film noire I used to sit and watch on my daddy’s lap.  Something timeless. 

I guess what I’m getting at is… in this point of my life I’m not sure whether or not it’s meant for me to get married or whatever.  I look forward to the possibility of crossing paths with someone who could potentially be my soulmate or whatever.  I do know that should I ever come across anything of that sorts… it’s in those awkward little nuances, a cheeky little dance that I look forward to and aspire for.  And if it had to be learned or inspired by a cartoon… well proudly so be it.  If this is the case, I want a Wall-E, fuck Edward Cullen ha.

If there has to be some part of me that does the whole girly hopeless romantic thing… I think I’d just want love to be simple as the holding of hands… dancing between partners and working towards building something lasting, special, and fulfilling.  And so am I ashamed to say I’ve drawn inspiration from an animated feature?  No.  It’s a symbol for the beauty of simplicity and I love it.  And I hope if I ever dance with someone like this for the rest of my life… it looks a bit like this and less like unannounced visits through my window while I’m sleeping.


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