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June 1, 2009

I see dumb people…

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I try extremely hard to just focus on me.  I really do.  But clearly it ain’t workin… There just comes a time in my life where I cross paths with someone’s idiocy and I gotta decide whether it’s worth questioning or if letting it go is better.  Usually letting it go never wins.  I can’t help it.  I have to sit and be like did she really say that?  Did he really just do that?  Case in point: this blog.

We all say and do stupid shit.  I mean that’s the beauty of us being us.  I’m a self-professed klutz and if I weren’t a little too brown for blonde, I’m pretty sure that’s what my natural hair color should be.  But I don’t get some people who are just… dumb.  The kinda dumb where you have to wonder if they intentionally wish to be seen that way (ie- Jessica Simpson) or if they just really do stupid shit all the time and it’s just second nature.  And in my obsessive need to understand, it’s drawing me towards the next future Ms. Psychologist, Sociologist, Anthropologist… maybe the key to understanding some people ends in -gist?

I believe it was the fabulously tragic Ms. Judy Garland who said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.” Certainly ironic considering she wasn’t born Judy Garland but the point is… I love that quote.  Because I really have this thing with people who don’t really have their own sense of identity and therefore try to adapt mine.  Or people who try so hard to be seen they come outside of the true essence of who they are just to be noticed over someone else.  Instead of perhaps realizing that it’s not what you say but how you do it that makes you shine.  Or that if I’m the one shinin, maybe this is NOT you forum to try to shine… go find another path somewhere and spark your flame there.

I guess all this stems from two things: me being subjected to a stream of idiocy lately that’s got me baffled and me reading the NY Times best-seller “He’s Just Not That Into You” a few months ago.  And taking enough of a big girl pill to see myself in the scenarios in the book.  I wanted to know what the hype was about.  And it was a good read.  Pretty funny.  Coming from a multi-cultural background, I’d say it barely scratches the cross cultural surface but it’s a concept that at the surface can be relatable to most.

That being said… the more I read that book, the more I had to admit that females as a whole really do some stupid shit to get someone’s attention and keep it.  We settle so long as he is nice and I’ll overlook the fact that he barely calls because at least he spends time with me… even if his eyes are on the game.  And why do I know this?  Because I’m the one they come to when it’s not working.  Or I’ve been the one  trying to do that magical square peg, round hole business.  It’s gonna fit, damn it.  I can make it fit.

That’s how we are.  And that’s why we’re dumb.  But every now and again there is someone who is able to be outside of the situation and help you get your ass up out of it.  That’s why you have you girls.  If they are your girls they will say ‘oh no sweetie, you can do WAY better’ and mean it.

All this comes together in that not too long ago, as I was reading this book someone came to me about a situation she was having with a dude.  And I had been telling her prior to spending my $14 and some change that it didn’t seem like he was all that into her.  Shit, I could be a bestseller. That he was giving her the John Popper runaround.  And it’s one thing to accept someone’s opinion on something you asked and be like thanks, but I disagree.  It’s something COMPLETELY different where you tune it out as if I didn’t warn you about it, continue to gripe about how you don’t get it and then when the things I was warning you about actually happen you’re looking at me like I never told you.  The conversation goes a bit like:

you: I wanna punch him in the face… I was doing SO good ignoring him, then he called me back then we stopped talking now all of a sudden he’s with some chick

me: wow really… no shit?!  Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

And instead of licking wounds and letting it go… no, now she wants to show him up.  So conveniently she shows up to wherever he might be with new chick, rocking her cutest outfit so she can go flitz around him and size her up.  And if that’s her poison, fine… it’s only pulling my hair out when she comes to me to tell me about it in confusion as to why it is he wasn’t really paying attention or if he was why he didn’t come say something or a whole other heap of shit I don’t care about.

That’s why I started blogging again.  Because it got to a point where I felt like my advice was being used for two seconds and then disgarded just so long as they could keep me around for sound advice.  Why am I blowing out hot air?  Because I feel like I’d actually get a better response from the wind than stupid ass people.

And they don’t notice when I just completely distance myself.  No… as if God just decided I should be the source of celestial amusement… they always seem to find me yet again.  And when I’m like “yeah I don’t wanna talk about this with you anymore,  you don’t seem to get it and I’m tired of walking you through it”… they look at me and give me that ‘why are YOU so bitter?’ face.  And my favorite… “I shouldn’t have come to you in the first place, it’s not like you have a man.”

That may be so but I ain’t the one running around chasing someone else’s and I just choose not to settle 🙂

…dumb ass.

I’d sit and hope she reads this but she’s the very type who would be like “don’t you hate people like that?  what you said about those chicks is SO true”

Then again… I’m hoping for a miracle outta a grown woman over 25 who fantasizes over a high school vampire and wants a man like him.  Go figure.  I didn’t read those books, but I finally caught that movie and there’s just no way anyone will justify to me why this Edward Cullen dude is such a stalker.  If that’s the kinda man you want, have a happy.  I’m not flattered.  Did I invite you in my room?  No?  Then what the hell makes you think it’s okay to fly through my window and watch me sleep?  Creeper.

I go off on tangents… gotta work on that…


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